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An All-Yu-Gi-Oh! Look-A-Like Stamping Community

Mirror Force!
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All Members , Moderated

Please Promote Us:


You are trapped in the dark puzzle that is your soul. Why are you here? You are searching for the truth. The truth about which character in all of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe you most resemble. The only way out of this chaos is with the light of your friends and the power of Mirror Force!!! If you are tired of not knowing which Yu-Gi-Oh! or Yu-Gi-Oh! GX character you resemble, then heed my words: join this community, aid in the struggle of all others who are lost, post an application, and await the judgement of your friends. IN THAT ORDER OR EXODIA SHALL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!!! Together we can harness the power of Mirror Force and bring each other to the truth.

In this community, the following rules apply:

1. No smoking or flaming! We will only have friendly, fun duels!
2. You will post NO nude pictures of yourself! For Ra's sake, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT HERE!!!
3. You must vote on all of those who have yet to be stamped before submitting your own application. You can find them all HERE. Heed the warning in the introduction, because I'm not even close to kidding!!!
4. To prove you read the rules please write, "I call upon the power of Mirror Force" in the title of your application. Hey, if you don't say the magic words, the spell won't work!
5. No one shall EVER accuse anyone else of character pushing! It's a pet peve of the mod's and it promotes distrust. Please stick to our honor system of respect.
6. Place all applications and long posts under lj-cut.
7. Keep all posts on topic! This doesn't exclude you from posting Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-art, fan fiction, and other stuff, but they must be Yu-Gi-Oh! related in some way.
8. If you have a question, concern, comment or any other kind of special request, just ask the mod ainohimeliz or leave a message at The Pharaoh's Audience Chamber.

The Application:

Voting Guidelines: (Yes, they must be treated as RULES)

1. Please bold all of your votes.
2. For each applicant, chose just one classic character and one GX character.
3. You will be stamped after you have five votes and no less (or when your lazy mod gets around to it).
4. You do not need to be stamped to vote. You don't even have to have posted your application to vote. All you have to be is a member.
5. Check out our Stamped List!
6. You are prohibited from giving out a vote like "the third guy from the left in the audience at the Kaibaland Grand Prix." Possible votes must have names!
7. Japanese names or Dub names? It doesn't matter. You may use whichever you feel comfortable with and NO ONE can gripe about it. If this sounds like a stupid rule to you, another member's preference of names is an even stupider thing to start a riot over!!!
8. If you need help, check out the following websites:

Possible Characters to be Stamped As:

Classic Male: Yugi Mutou, Yami Yugi, Katsuya Jounouchi(Joey Wheeler), Seto Kaiba, Noa Kaiba, Hiroto Honda(Tristan Taylor), Mokuba Kaiba, Pegasus J. Crawford, Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Yami Marik, Otogi Ryuji(Duke Devlin), Dartz, Valon, Amelda(Alister), Raphael, Mahado, Bobasa, Rashid(Odion), Grandpa Mutou, Leon Wilson, Jeek Lloyd(Siegfried), Mako Tsunami, Insector Haga(Weevil Underwood), Dinosaur Ryuuzaki(Rex Raptor), Bandit Keith, Karim, Aknaden, or Shadi.

Classic Female: Anzu Mazaki(Tea Gardner), Miho Nosaka, Mai Kujaku, Vivian Wong, Shizuka Kawai(Serenity Wheeler), Kisara, Rebecca Hopkins, Mana or Isis Ishtar(Ishizu).

GX Male: Judai Yuki(Jaden), Shou Marufuji(Syrus Truesdale), Ryou Marufuji(Zane Truesdale), Daichi Misawa(Bastion), Hayto Medea(Chumley Huffington), Chronos de Medici(Dr. Crowler), Daitokuji(Prof. Banner), Jun Manjyome(Chazz Princeton), Principal Sameshima(Chancellor Sheppard), Edo Phoenix(Aster), Tyranno Kenzan(Hassleberry), Takuma Saiou(Sartorius), Johan Anderson...

GX Female: Asuka Tenjouin(Alexis Rhodes), Junko Makurada(Jasmine), Momoe Hamaguchi(Mindy), Tome(Dorothy), Rei Saotome(Blair), Camilla, Taniya, Emi Ayukawa(Fonda Fontain), Sara(Yasmine), Ran Kochou(Missy), Princess Rose, Mizuchi Saiou(Sarina), Alice, Lynd...

As you can see, the possiblities are ENDLESS!!!

If one of the rules is broken, I will warn you once with an EXODIA HUNGRY, but after that, break the rules at your own risk!

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If you would like to be an affiliate, just ask the mod ainohimeliz or leave a message at The Pharaoh's Audience Chamber. As you can see, she has a wide variety of interests, so she almost never says 'no.' Just be sure to add us to your affiliate list as well.

alexis rhodes, alister, amelda, ancient egypt, anzu, anzu mazaki, aster phoenix, asuka tenjouin, atem, atemu, atticus rhodes, bakura, bandit keith, bastion misawa, black magician, black magician girl, blue-eyes white dragon, bobasa, chancellor sheppard, chazz princeton, chronos, chumley huffington, daichi misawa, daitokuji, dartz, dinosaur ryuuzaki, dr. crowler, duel monsters, dueling, duke devlin, edo phoenix, exodia, fubuki tenjouin, grandpa mutou, hane kuriboh, hayato, hell kaizer ryou, high priest seto, hiroto honda, honda, honda hiroto, insector haga, ishizu ishtar, isis ishtar, jaden yuki, joey, joey wheeler, jounouchi, jounouchi katsuya, jounouchi shizuka, jun manjoume, junko, juudai yuki, juudai yuuki, jyonouchi, kaiba, kaiba mokuba, kaiba noa, kaiba seto, kaizer, katsuya jounouchi, kawai shizuka, kisara, kujaku mai, kuriboh, leon wilson, mahaad, mahado, mai kujaku, mai valentine, malik ishtar, mana, manjyome jun, marik ishtar, marufuji ryou, marufuji shou, mazaki anzu, miho nosaka, millenium items, mirror force, mokuba kaiba, momoe, mutou yugi, noa kaiba, noah kaiba, nosaka miho, obelisk blue, odion, ojama trio, osiris red, otogi, otogi ryuuji, pegasus, pharoah, professor banner, ra yellow, raphael, rashid, rating comms, ratings communities, rebecca hawkins, rebecca hopkins, ryou bakura, ryou marufuji, ryuuji otogi, saiou mizuchi, saiou takuma, sameshima, sarina, sartorius, serenity wheeler, seto kaiba, shadi, shizuka, shizuka jounouchi, shizuka kawai, shou marufuji, stamping comms, stamping communities, syrus trusdale, tea, tea gardener, tenjouin asuka, tenjouin fubuki, tristan, tristan taylor, tyranno hassleberry, tyranno kenzan, valon, varon, vivian wong, yami bakura, yami malik, yami marik, yami yugi, yami yuugi, yu gi oh, yu gi oh gx, yu-gi-oh, yu-gi-oh gx, yu-gi-oh!, yu-gi-oh! gx, yugi, yugi mutou, yugioh, yugioh gx, yuki judai, yuugi mutou, yuuki juudai, zane truesdale